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Product Description: This series of solar panels consists of 72pcs, 125mm*125mm mono-crystalline silicon solar cells which are in high efficiency, individually characterized and electronically matched
Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells Solar Cell Characteristics High efficiency and stable performance in photovoltaic conversion. Advanced diffusion technique ensuring the homogeneity of energy conve
Product Description : Table runner with zari work on cotton - silk fabric. Size: 72 x 13 inches Available in all colors.
Product Description : we sell all type of laces......
Product Description : Foiling as it is sometimes known as a highly attractive and permanent way of printing without the need to use ink. We offer foiling service at reasonable price.
Specification: 1) Solar panel 480 Watts (Mono / Poly) + the bracket 2) Battery: 12V/ 200 AH x 2 3) Inverter 2000W, 12V 110V/220V 4) Controller 12V / 40A 5) Connector 10 pcs DC, and 5 AC connector. 6)
The independent solar power station and the wind&solar power station stand for the new generation of safe and reliable green energy with huge generation capacity,small volume,compact structure,good ap
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