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Item Code: I2R-GSM-ANT-PCB Our PCB range offers flexibility and ease of integration. Connection is made directly to a GSM module via a cable and connector. Hirose, I-PEX, Murata, RG178
Item Code: I2R-GPS-AP-SMA-UFL-15x15 We provide a leading range of active GPS patch antennas to connect directly to your GPS module. They connect directly to the module connector or to an o
Item Code: I2R-GPS-GSM-ACM-3M-SMA This high performance, low-profile GPS/ GSM antenna is one of our latest versions of a dual purpose mobile antenna. This model is commonly used for OEM, s
Cable RG174 5m / 3m / or others Connector SMA / SMB / MCX / or others Dieletric Antenna Center Frequency 1575.42 MHz±3 MHz V.S.W.R 1.5 : 1 Band Width ±5 MHz Impendence
GPS Magnetic Mount Antenna with 3m RF Cable and SMA Connector Product Names : GPS Magnetic Mount Antenna with 3m RF Cable and SMA Conn : Dimension : Cable length 3.0M Interface : SMA Weig
Impedance 50 Ohm   GSM ANTENNA We are one of the most eminent GSM antenna manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our GSM antenna is made up of good quality raw materials, under the gu
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