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1012341-48-8 LCZ696inter
Category:Pharmacy/Other Pharmacy
  • Post Date:2016-12-30 15:12:26
  • Expiry Date:1 year
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  • Specs:99+
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MF: C23H27NO4 MW: 381.46478 CAS: 1012341-48-8 LCZ696inter
Located in Taizhou, which is boasted for the State API Production Base in China, Bolon Pharmachem is a API and intermediate manufacturer dedicated in the area of oncology API and peptide API. Under the leadership of the core R&D members, who are sophisticated in oncology API development as PhD in Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as Canadian returned PhD who is exceptional at peptide synthesis, together with local professional who enjoy fruitful experience in penem series production, we believe our partner will enjoy the cooperation with us a R&D oriented company. Moreover, our main products including: Cyclen, 2-Methoxyethanamine 109-85-3 , 3-Nitrobenzaldehyde 99-61-6 ,4546-55-8,770-12-7,DOTA60239-18-1 etc. In addition, in consideration of further development, we set up dedicated laboratory which is designed for the production part of peptide API. For all API production, we strictly follow up GMP rules, very strictly to high quality, many of API even better than EP, BP,and USP ,also have good control on solvents and other spec like endotoxin, microbiology . With the trend of Pharmaceutical production transfer from EU,USA to India and China,at the very begginning of Bolon Pharmachem, we decided to focus both on API production as well as contract manufacturing business.
MF: C23H27NO4 MW: 381.46478 CAS: 1012341-48-8 LCZ696inter
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